Renesas: RZ/A2M microprocessor for high-speed processing of e-AI imaging -

Renesas: RZ/A2M microprocessor for high-speed processing of e-AI imaging


Renesas Electronics is expanding its range of embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI) solutions for incorporating AI into embedded systems by bringing intelligence to endpoints. Approximately 150 companies in more than 10 countries worldwide are already conducting trials based on this technology, and there are more than 30 actual e-AI use cases underway. Renesas has now developed a new RZ/A2M microprocessor to expand the use of e-AI solutions to high-end applications. The new MPU delivers 10 times the image processing performance of its predecessor, the RZ/A1, and incorporates Renesas’ exclusive Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor, which achieves real-time image processing at low power consumption. This allows applications incorporating embedded devices – such as smart appliances, service robots, and compact industrial machinery– to carry out image recognition employing cameras and other AI functions while maintaining low power consumption, and accelerating the realization of intelligent endpoints.

The RZ/A2M with DRP is a new addition to the RZ/A Series lineup of MPUs equipped with large capacity on-chip RAM, which eliminates the need for external DRAM. The RZ/A Series MPUs address applications employing human-machine interface (HMI) functionality, and the RZ/A2M adds to this capability with features ideal for applications using cameras. It supports the MIPI® camera interface, widely used in mobile devices, and is equipped with a DRP for high-speed image processing. Renesas has also boosted network functionality with the addition of two-channel Ethernet support, and enhanced secure functionality with an on-chip hardware encryption accelerator. These features enable safe and secure network connectivity, making the new RZ/A2M best suited for a wide range of systems employing image recognition, from home appliances to industrial machinery.

Renesas intends to continue advancing its range of e-AI solutions based on DRP technology. In the second half of 2019, Renesas will release an AI accelerator incorporating a DRP with AI processing performance 100 times faster than software processing, and the ability to perform real-time inference execution through embedded AI.

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