Renesas’ Velocity Lab aims to speed embedded systems development -

Renesas’ Velocity Lab aims to speed embedded systems development

At its developer’s conference, Renesas Electronics America Inc. introduced Velocity Lab , a suite of home-grown and third-party development components to help customers develop embedded more solutions quickly.

Velocity Lab ties together advanced technologies in model-based design, simulation and automatic code generation, giving designers increased flexibility to change components for new system projects .

Key features :

  • Code generation and a virtual development environment, using Mathworks’ tools for strategy, SimuQuest’s QuantiPhi for drivers, and ETAS’s OSEK for scheduling
  • Transaction-level, cycle-accurate simulation of an entire system or portions of it, using Mathworks’ Simulink and Synopsys or Australian Semiconductor Technology Company.

Third-party suppliers include:

  • Applied Dynamics International
  • Australian Semiconductor Technology Company
  •  ETAS
  • Invirtech
  • Mathworks
  • SimuQuest, Inc.
  • Synopsys, Inc.

Availability : Velocity Lab supports Renesas Electronics’ 90-nm SH7254x and SH7253x MCU families for powertrain applications. Renesas Electronics America is also developing a Velocity Lab solution for the R8C and the V850 microcontroller families and expects to also port the solution to the RX Group and other MCUs in the future.

For more information, please visit Renesas.

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