Repeaters extend the distance of DVI, HDMI signal transmission -

Repeaters extend the distance of DVI, HDMI signal transmission


Shelton, Conn.—TranSwitch Corp. has developed a high-speed repeater that transmits high-bandwidth digital video over CAT-5 or HDMI copper cables.

TranSwitch's TransPHY- PXL repeater devices extend Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) channels for any DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) digital video connection. The TransPHY-PXL repeaters are designed to increase the distance of DVI/HDMI signal transmission over standard CAT-5 cable for flat-panel displays, projectors, DVD players, set-top boxes and other A/V sources.

TranSwitch offers two TransPHY-PXL repeater devices—single channel (TXC-42382) and dual channel (TXC-42384). The devices monitor the quality of the received signal using a proprietary Signal Quality Indicator (SQI) that optimizes the signal through adjustable link parameters.

This includes multiple pre-emphasis and amplitude levels on the transmit side, adjustable equalization on the receiver side, and impedance control on both sides, for each of the serial channels.

The TransPHY- PXL devices are available now.

TranSwitch Corp., 1-203-929-8810,

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