Results of the 2009 Embedded Market Study are in -

Results of the 2009 Embedded Market Study are in


Every year, counting back more than 15, our Embedded Systems group has run a comprehensive study that looks at various aspects of the embedded systems markets. We ask questions about your work environment, the tools you work with, the operating systems and processors you're developing with, outsourcing, and so on.

The people who respond to the study come from our pool of readers. In fact, there's a good chance that you're one of the people who filled it out. In all, we had over 1,500 people fill out the survey, and it's pretty detailed. There are about 90 questions in all, so it could take upwards of 30 minutes to complete. The folks filling it out are global, although about 80% come from North America.

The real beauty of the study comes when you compare the year-on-year data, which is very applicable because we tend to ask the same questions year after year, with allowances made for new technologies or those that aren't really in existence anymore.

Here are a couple of the points that stuck out for me:

• 25% of the respondents are considering using embedded Linux in their next design.

• The software engineering staff has almost as much say as the hardware staff when it comes to choosing a microprocessor

• The use of multicore, while still low, continues to rise.

• Outsourcing continues to rise, with India growing its lead as the top outsourcing destination.

While I typically write a full-blown report that covers the high points of the study, this year we've taken a slightly different approach. With the help of David Blaza, the VP of the Embedded Group, and Michael Barr, the CTO of Netrino, we've created a webinar that not only looks at the results of the study, but offers some perspective as to why those results are what they are. I encourage you to check out that webinar.

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