Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance -

Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance


Milpitas, Calif. — The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related intellectual property core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits, higher speed, streaming I/O microarchitectures for FFTs, and enhancements to detect noninvertable matrices.

To increase design performance while lowering chip power, the DSP synthesis tool now allows for pipelines to be inserted. Also, enhancements to the tool's automated float-to-fixed point conversion utility have improved fixed-point simulation performance by up to 100 percent. The 2005.3 release of also includes new and enhanced DSP cores.

The DSP IP core generators produce synthesizable preverified cores of FPGAs and ASICs from parameters that specify the core's function and implementation. The generators, which use the MATLAB high-level language and interactive environment, include building block, advanced math, signal processing, communcations tool kits.

Version 2005.3 of AccelChip's DSP synthesis tool is available now and free of charge to customers who qualify for upgrade support. Starting price for the tool is $15,000. The IP core generators sell for $10,000 each to $15,000 each per project.

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