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RF effects on health research comes under scrutiny


LONDON — The Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT'IS) which works to expand the scientific basis of the safe and beneficial application of electromagnetic energy in health and information technologies has issued a statement intended to clarify its relationship with RF research done by a group headed by Prof. Hugo Rüdiger's Group at the University of Vienna.

IT'IS (Zurich, Switzerland) said The University of Vienna has issued a press release available only in German which reported possible scientific misconduct in studies conducted by Prof. Hugo Rüdiger's group.

The study from the group was published in Int Arch Occup Environ Health and shows deleterious effects on DNA from human fibroblasts exposed to the third generation mobile phone communication standard (UMTS), even at SAR levels well below the allowed limit of 2 W/kg. The paper reveals that a huge amount of data was analysed.

The IT'IS Foundation says it was involved in these studies to the extent of defining the electromagnetic exposure conditions representing worst-case environmental exposures of humans and providing the equipment to expose cells with well-defined electromagnetic fields in terms of strength and signal properties.

The IT'IS Foundation also conducted the dosimetry and ensured the appropriate functioning of the experimental systems and said its exposure systems support double blind protocols if appropriately used.

The IT'IS Foundation was neither involved in the performance of the biological experiments nor in the statistical analysis of the results. The IT'IS Foundation contribution to this study met all requirements of advanced science and good laboratory practice.

The double blind protocol for experiments requires insuring neither the experimenters or any subjects involved knows the outcome until after the experiment is complete. It also includes a control group in where it is not known by anyone involved which is the real experiment and which is the control experiment.

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