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RF Engines signs cores contract


LONDON — RF Engines has signed a contract with an unnamed leader in mobile communications to supply high speed signal processing cores for use in its research and development programme. 

The RFEL designs are based on the high specification Matrix range of mixed radix Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) cores, which are being integrated to produce a non-power-of-two filter bank. 

John Summers, RFEL’s VP Sales and Business Development, said, “We are obviously pleased to be supplying such a prestigious client with specialist designs, in support of its advanced technology programme, and we look forward to continuing to develop the relationship.”            The building blocks are supplied as intellectual property (IP) components for system-on-programmable-chip designers, and are fully supported by bit-true simulation models.  They are suitable for applications such as wireless communications nodes, medical instrumentation, radar, sonar, electronic surveillance, test instrumentation, real-time spectral analysis and satellite communications receivers.

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