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RF Engines wins Australian contract


LONDON — RF Engines (RFEL) has been awarded a contract by Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), for the provision of high performance digital filter designs.

RFEL (Isle of Wight, England) will provide DSTO with two filter designs, each based on frequency domain filtering techniques using the polyphase DFT. The first design will support a continuous complex sample rate of 200MHz with 512 frequency domain weights, whilst the second design will support complex samples rates over 150MHz with 4096 weights. The filter shapes are fully reprogrammable, and can be changed whilst the filter is running without loss of data.

The designs, which form a key role in an advanced receiver systems, build on RFEL’s existing portfolio of signal processing intellectual property (IP), and deliver higher quality filtering of wideband signals in real-time. Both designs are targeted at the Altera EP1S80 FPGA.

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