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RF front-end modules enable Wi-Fi VoIP phones, PC Cards, access points


SiGe Semiconductor expanded its RangeCharger product line with a trio of RF front-end modules that optimize the performance, battery life, and transmission range over of a full range of Wi-Fi applications. The modules address an increasingly segmented Wi-Fi market, allowing OEMs to easily adapt designs to meet the specific requirements of embedded applications, PC cards, or access points. The SE2521A40 delivers the efficiency and low power consumption needed for embedded applications, including Wi-Fi VoIP phones. The SE2521A60 provides the balance of performance and low current consumption needed for PC client cards. And the SE2521A80 ensures high output power to boost the transmission range of Wi-Fi routers and access points.

SiGe has adapted its integrated 2.4-GHz RF front-end architecture to support a diverse set of high data rate, 54-Mbit/s WLAN applications. Each device incorporates a linear power amplifier, power detector, transmit-receive switch, and associated matching circuitry in a package measuring 8 by 7 by 1.1 mm. Each also integrates a power detector with 20 dB of dynamic range, and a digital enable control for transmitter on/off control. The power detector boosts performance by minimizing mismatch to 1.5 dB of variation over a two-to-one antenna mismatch.

All three front-end modules each provide a complete interface between the transceiver's output and the antenna, thereby easing design and manufacture, and reducing both the bill of materials and overall system cost. The three devices are sampling now, with production scheduled for the third quarter. In lots of 10,000, each sells for roughly $1.95. For more information, visit www.sige.com.

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