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RF radiation surveys help meet ‘duty of care’ requirements

LONDON — RFI Global Services is using its experience in RF conformance testing to expand its radio frequency site survey services.

Investment test instrumentation and engineers enables RFI to provide rapid, specific assessments of the nature and levels of RF environments at any location worldwide.

The core services cover three types of survey; the Broadband Site Survey (27MHz to 60GHz frequency range), the Cellular Operator Site Survey (80MHz to 3GHz) and the Standard Site Survey (30MHz to 3GHz). Reports and frequency analysis can be tailored to customer requirements and testing typically takes less than half a day. Extended lower and upper range surveys are also available for the standard site survey, taking less than a day.

RFI can now also design investigative surveys specifically for extraordinary locations. These bespoke surveys are tailored to the client’s exact requirements and can even include remote monitoring, giving a complete ‘picture’ of RF levels over time. This is especially useful in cases of intermittent or variable RF levels.

These investigative surveys identify any sources of radio interference or potential health hazards from radio frequency exposure. RFI can thereby help employers to ensure they comply with the emerging legislative ‘duty of care’ requirements, for example, the EMF directive, which becomes mandatory in April 2008.

Such investigative projects are wide-ranging and RFI’s survey work has included projects investigating interference from screens in a call centre, lift engineers working in the vicinity of rooftop base stations and power frequency investigations near sub- stations, as well as surveys for numerous local authorities and network operators.

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