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RF technology brings 3D positioning


Israel — 3LT Technologies has developed an ultra-precise micro-distance two- and three-dimensional tracking and positioning technology that could be used in a broad array of productive and cost-effective wireless-input applications. Current RF positioning technology is effective across long distances via satellite and GPS. 3LT's patented RF technologies take positioning beyond the next level, tracing movements within spaces as small as 0.25mm. 3LT's proprietary transmitters send RF waves to a series of receivers, which in turn identify positions relative to the transmitters.

The transmitters can be as small as one square centimeter and weigh as little as three grams (about 0.1 ounce). The number of transmitters can be increased to enable simultaneous tracking of multiple complex actions over short or long distances.

This micro-distance transmission and identification capability, based on 3LT's patented tracing hardware and algorithms, has applications as diverse as note-taking, microsurgery, robotics, and virtual-reality games.

3LT's first product, the ITPEN, captures writing and sketches with extreme accuracy and stores them in its own internal memory. It enables transfer to the user's PC in real time or at a later time.

The ITPEN uses regular ink on regular paper or any common surface. It simultaneously tracks and memorizes the movements, speed and pressure of the pen via transmitters embedded in the pen that relate to non-visible sensors embedded in a complimentary clipboard.

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