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RFEL launches Video Image stabilization IP Core


RFEL's Video Image Stabilisation IP Core is the first of its family of Video Processing IP cores that fully utilizes the power of the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs. The new stabilization IP Core is a high-performance video processing system that can readily support high input resolutions and frame rates, while maintaining low latency and power consumption. Stabilization is performed in real-time and entirely digitally, with the algorithm compensating for unwanted roll and horizontal and vertical shifts of a scene.

The stabilization Core is designed to deliver a stable image under the most demanding of applications, including: driving aids for military vehicles, diverse airborne platforms, targeting systems and remote border security cameras. The algorithm implemented within the IP core stabilizes images subjected to two-dimensional translations and rotations, from both static and moving platforms.

The stabilization function provides real-time correction at frame-rates of up to 150 Hz for various imaging devices, or for resolutions of up to 1080p including both daylight and infrared cameras. For example, a 1080p colour camera operating at 8 bits and with a frame-rate of 60 Hz, necessitates operation with an input data rate of ~1 Gbits/s. The accuracy of image stabilization, achieved when tested using a very diverse and demanding range of evaluation video data, has been shown to be better than ± 1 pixels, even when subjected to random frame-to frame displacements of up to ± 25 pixels in the x and y directions and with a frame-to-frame rotational variation of up to ± 5˚.

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