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RFI expands test capacity for new SAR Standards

LONDON — RFI Global Services is expanding its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) test facility to meet the increase in global legislation with respect to product certification and approvals for RF and other electronic devices.

RFI (Basingstoke, UK) is now able to meet the testing requirements for manufacturers of more than just mobile telephone handsets. A wider range of products to include private mobile radio, medical devices, base stations and microwave equipment can now be accommodated.

Research and development customers, will be able to benefit from RFI’s latest investment which includes a new range of custom-made flat basin, torso, full body and head phantoms. RFI now also offers the capability to carry out testing over a wider frequency range, spanning low frequencies from 450MHz up to the wireless LAN bands (5.2-5.8GHz).

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measurements indicate the amount of radio-frequency energy absorbed into biological tissue from a transmitting source. They are vital in helping manufacturers to comply with the essential 'safety' requirements under the R&TTE Directive. The new standards add to the requirements of the existing published standard EN50392, by defining compliance more specifically.

RFI has also secured a second contract with the Swedish National Post & Telecom Agency. The contract is initially for 2 years and is worth 8 million SKr (£600k), covering market surveillance measurements of 'off the shelf' radio and telecommunications products against the R & TTE Directive.

RFI has tested approximately 30 products since March including public mobile radio (PMR), mobile phones, remote control toys, video links and other radio products. The total volume of products to be audited is expected to be around 80 to 100 per year.

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