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RFI forms joint venture with Taiwanese test house


LONDON — RFI Global Services has signed a formal strategic collaboration with Sporton International Inc. in Taiwan, to form RFI-Sporton Mobile Communication Business Unit and provide world-class GSM certification services in the region.

This collaboration brings together RFI’s (Basingstoke, U.K.) global recognition and experience in GSM certification and Sporton’s local knowledge and extensive testing capability, including 2.5G mobile performance testing, using Rohde & Schwarz TS8950G and CRTU-G test platforms, CTIA Antenna measurements and regulatory testing.

Stephen Kirk, CEO of RFI, said, “I feel that the collaboration between RFI and Sporton to provide GSM Certification services will provide Taiwanese companies with a powerful solution for Global Wireless Market entry.”

Kevin Huang, President of Sporton International Inc. added, “As the wireless industry continues to flourish in Taiwan, the joint collaboration will enable us to provide a world-class service to our customers.”

Sporton founded its Wireless Business Unit in August 2003 and its now employs 43 staff and provides telecommunication mobile certification, consultancy, training and test services.

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