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RFI reveals Korean facility plans

LONDON — RFI Global Services (Basingstoke U.K.) has released more information on its plans for its largest single investment to date, £3.6million in establishing a cellular test facility in Korea.

On Feb 2, 2006 the company raised £2million from Close Venture Management, part of which was earmarked for setting up the laboratory will be located in Gunpo near major Korean handset manufacturers LG and Samsung with easy access to Seoul. It is scheduled to open in Summer 2006. The 6,000 square feet facility will be equipped with test platforms from manufacturers including Anritsu, Aeroflex, Cetecom and Comprion.

Richard Jacklin, Director and head of RFI’s cellular business said, “We have selected platforms that will provide RFI with the best test case coverage to offer Korean customers the benefit of local access to a first class lab with a globally recognised brand name. We are recruiting and expect to have 20 staff by end of the first year of trading.”

The first wave of equipment to be delivered will be the Anritsu ME7873F-10 3G RF conformance tester including RRM, Multi-region support and HSDPA, a fully-loaded Aeroflex AIME/CT 6401 3G protocol tester including InterRAT, a fully-loaded Aeroflex AIME/CT 6103 2G/2.5G protocol test platform, Cetecom’s MiNT quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/AMR 2G/2.5GRF tester, a Setcom SCAT 5020 application tester and Comprion’s IT3 SIM/USIM Simulator, together with further support equipment.

The growth in cellular terminal manufacturing and development in East Asia is such that 60% of RFI’s cellular testing demand now comes from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China.

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