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RFID chip gains ITSO approval for limited use travel tickets

LONDON — Jewel, a low-cost contactless RFID ticketing chip from Innovision Research & Technology, has become one of the first ITSO approved Limited Use media in the U.K. The approval will enable operators, authorities and systems integrators to roll out fully contactless ITSO approved ticketing systems across all fare structures and media.

Trevor Crotch-Harvey, Sales Director at Innovision R&T and Chair of Working Group 8, the UK’s industry working group focusing on Low Cost Smart Tickets, said, “This seal of approval for Jewel really opens up the UK contactless ticketing market.”

As part of the Jewel approval process, twenty tickets were fitted with the chip and tested against the ITSO customer media check list v1.6. This ensures that the tag can be configured and used according to the ITSO Limited Use transport ticket requirements.

Innovision says it has been actively working with partners, like Gesiecke & Devrient, KSW and Bemrose Booth, to bring the cost of the ticket down, and that it is currently in advanced discussions with other potential licensees around the world to provide competitive pricing and global coverage.

Innovision R&T’s Jewel technology was launched in March 2004 and is designed specifically for low-cost mass transit ticketing. It enables electronic data relating to ticket type, travel validity, etc, to be securely stored within a conventional ticket form factor and instantly transferred to the reader.

Innovision Research & Technology is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) design services company for the transport, medical and consumer electronics sectors. Headquartered in Wokingham, U.K., it has an IC design facility in Cirencester, creates, develops and licenses low-cost near-field RFID systems and silicon chip designs via its team of engineers, IC designers and RFID specialists.

ITSO — industry standard’ for interoperable transport solutions in the U.K. — was formed in 1998 with the brief to build and maintain a specification for secure end-to-end interoperable ticketing transactions, using relevant ISO and emerging CEN standards.

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