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RFID reader supports multiple transponder protocols

The iDTronic R835 embedded RFID reader module reads and writes to almost any 13.56 MHz transponder, including NXP’s Mifare and DESFire. The module, which is just 3.45×0.58×0.3 cm, integrates an antenna to enable reading ranges of up to 8 cm, depending on the tag, antenna, and environmental conditions. Further, the antenna transmits data at speeds of up to 115,200 bps.

The R835 module is equipped with a 3.3 VDC to 5 VDC power supply and requires less than 100 mA for operation with a DESFire transponder. A TTL-based interface and Molex connector allow easy integration with Windows, Linux, and Android systems. The module reads and writes to Mifare Classic, Ultralight, DESFire, Smart MX, Plus S, and Pro X transponders.

Developers can use the R835 embedded RFID reader module in medical devices, vending machines, and identification products. It withstands temperatures and liquids at up to +80°C. The R835 comes with a software development kit for Windows or Linux applications and includes command protocols, source codes, and a Windows-based demo application.

R835 reader product page

iDTronic, www.en.idtronic-rfid.com

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