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Rigol: real-time spectrum analyzers, electronic loads and decode options for oscilloscopes

At embedded world, Rigol Technologies will present a number of actually introduced innovations in addition to instruments for test and measurement applications.

The new RSA5000 Series Real-time Spectrum Analyzers are based on Rigol's newly developed Ultra Real technology, with the newly created complete platform making it possible to perform real-time measurements. The RSA5000 series is featured by its compact, elegant design, its operation via touch screen and its wide range of possible applications. With an additional 3.2 / 6.5 GHz tracking generator, it can also be used as a “scalar” network analyzer. The modular RSA5000 series provides GPSA, RTSA, EMI and VSA functions.

In addition, Rigol's DL30xx family of high-speed, easy-to-use and ultra-modern electronic loads complements its existing portfolio of best-in-class lab equipment. Applications include both R&D and development in production and quality tests for automotive electronics, fuel cell tests, performance monitoring of telecommunications modules and much more. Rigol currently offers four models of this new product line, each with 200 W and 350 W power.

Rigol's MSO/DS1000Z and MSO/DS2000A/E families of low-end oscilloscopes, as well as Rigol's DS/MSO4000 mid-range oscilloscopes, now come with all Decode Options, which can be ordered as a free package.

For the DS4000 series, the package includes the RS232, I2C, SPI, LIN, CAN and FlexRay bus options, making this instrument range even more attractive. Users can thus step into the DS/MSO4000 oscilloscope series with a cost-effective model, and if necessary make a software upgrade to a higher level of functionality, when the measuring tasks will change. A typical case for the need for bandwidth expansion is when, for example, steeper pulse edges have to be measured or when the frequency of the test signal has increased. For this, Rigol offers three upgrade options, which can be implemented on already purchased oscilloscopes as well, provided that the latest firmware version has been installed.

For the low-end instruments MSO/DS1000Z and MSO/DS2000A, all decode options are also available, allowing easy handling of such evaluation functions even in the semi-professional user area. This is an essential test criterion especially for users with an IoT focus.

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