Robotic gladiator to flex muscles at embedded conference -

Robotic gladiator to flex muscles at embedded conference

A 220-pound robot warrior will display its fighting chops at this week's Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco.

The mechanized mauler spins its carbon fiber and titanium frame at 600rpm and boasts titanium blades that travel over 100mph. (CycloneBot will be operating in safe mode at the conference.)

Designed around Altera's Cyclone FPGA, CycloneBot was developed by CM Robotics, whose previous battlebot, BravePart defeated several opponents in the BattleBots arena and at Steel Conflict, a robotic fighting tournament.

If you want the technical details of dealing out massive computer-aided electro-mechanical carnage, CycloneBot's drive control system integrates inputs from the driver of the robot, inputs from multiple sensors on board the robot, and synchronous control signal outputs to high-power electric motors. CycloneBot has the ability, while spinning, to induce a translational drift.

CM Robotics plans to make CycloneBot its contestant at upcoming robot fighting tournaments.

You can see CycloneBot in action at the conference on Wednesday, April 23rd at 4:00.

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