Robots go to college -

Robots go to college

LONDON — Students at The University of Plymouth are now getting hands-on experience of flexible automation, following the installation of four high-tech Mitsubishi robots by Barr & Paatz from nearby Totnes.

The Mitsubishi RV-2AJ five-axis robots are designed to be flexible and adaptable to tasks in manufacturing industry. They are also used in fields such as research labs, medical facilities and CD pressing plants. They use a 64-bit controller powerful servo motors enable them to work with payloads of up to 2kg.

Plymouth was the first university in the U.K. to offer a degree course in robotics and automation and this year about 75 students will use the robots. The new robots replace older units that were based on obsolete technology. The RV-2AJs share the same controller as larger Mitsubishi articulated arm robots, providing students with some familiarity with the large scale units.

As well as used in teaching, the robots are are used for undergraduate project work and post-graduate research. The university installation has to be to full industrial specification beacuse it is used by courses including those for dedicated BSc and MSc robotics qualifications.

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