Rochester brings Freescale 68K, Intel 80C186/88 MCUs back to life -

Rochester brings Freescale 68K, Intel 80C186/88 MCUs back to life


Rochester Electronics   has worked out agreements with Freescale and Intel to bring various members of the 68000 and 80C186/88 embedded microcontrollers back into production for continued availability.

The company specializes in bringing back into production mature and end-of-life semiconductors devices and will next year (2015) add the Freescale and Intel processors to its current roster of such end of life designs.

According to Paul Gerrish, President at Rochester Electronics, the company has acquired all of both companies remaining finished devices and wafer/die as well as intellectual property in order to manufacture the exact same device and provide a reliable continuing source of the devices for systems that continue to use them. semiconductors

– He said the Freescale 68020 processor is available now, with the full military version of the 68020 in production by the first quarter of 2015. The 68020 processor was sampled in 2014 and will ramp up production in the first quarter of 2015.

Gerrish said plans are in the works for the rest of the 8-bit NMOS family of products featuring the 6821, 6840, and 6850 in addition to the 6809. “In addition to these products, the 68HC000 family and the 68882 are also in development. Also, other Freescale microcontrollers, such as the 68HC05 and 68HC11, are scheduled for development in 2015 he said.

““Intel products such as the 80C186EA, EB, EC, XL, and the 80C188EA, EB, EC and XL are all into fabrication now,” he said. “The EB is currently ready for qualification. Also in the development pipeline for 2015 are the Intel 8X196KB, KC, and KD microcontrollers.””

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