Rockwell uses Ada traceability analysis for DO-178B Certification -

Rockwell uses Ada traceability analysis for DO-178B Certification


Rockwell Collins   has achieved DO-178B certification of the Integrated Display System (IDS) for a large, next-generation, commercial aircraft.

It used the Adacore  Code Traceability Analysis tool suite to gather the data necessary to satisfy the DO-178B objectives for structural code coverage at Level A, the highest (most stringent) level for avionics software safety.

The IDS, featuring Rockwell Collins’ EFIS/EICAS Interface Unit (EIU-7001), includes many of the advanced features found on the Boeing 787, such as an electronic checklist with cursor control panel, navigation performance scales and vertical situation displays.

This critical system is Level A and was developed in Ada using the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B, targeted to PowerPC-ELF and using the Zero Footprint (ZFP) run-time library.

Certification at Level A is a major effort, involving a variety of software life cycle processes.One of the verification process activities entails demonstration of complete coverage of the source code through requirements-based tests.

If any object code is not traceable to the source code (for example, if a high-level source construct is compiled into complex object code involving conditional instructions) that DO-178B then specifies.

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