Romania gives Plexus low cost European alternative -

Romania gives Plexus low cost European alternative

LONDON — Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) specialist, Plexus Corp., which has a manufacturing facility in Kelso, Scotland and design services capabilities in Livingston, Scotland, is expanding its European footprint by leasing a 72,000 sq. ft. facility in Oradea, Romania.

This new location will provide a lower cost service with production is expected to begin in the second half of fiscal 2009.

“Our customers believe that the mid-to low-volume, higher-mix segment of the EMS industry is underserved in Europe, creating an opportunity for us to expand our regional footprint and exploit the growing demand for our services in the region,” said Todd Kelsey, senior vice president global customer services. “We believe that the Oradea facility will provide our global customers with a lower total-cost European solution, particularly for products with European end-markets. In addition, we believe it will enable us to partner with European-based OEMs seeking a global EMS solution that provides flexibility, agility and world-class execution.”

Oradea is located on the Hungarian/Romanian border and, according to Mike Buseman, senior vice president of global manufacturing operations for Plexus, is logistically attractive, while still providing the advantage of significant labor cost savings.

“Oradea offers a skilled labor pool, as well as universities in the surrounding area that offer curriculum focused on electronics manufacturing. We believe that this European solution will give us the opportunity to leverage our Kelso facility for new product introductions and create a regional footprint that continues to deliver the best value proposition for our customers,” said Buseman.

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