RosettaNet base for global design win management program from Philips and Arrow -

RosettaNet base for global design win management program from Philips and Arrow

LONDON — Philips Semiconductors and Arrow Electronics have set up the first global design win management program which is using the RosettaNet Program to simplify design win tracking and support demand creation.

RosettaNet will provide a system-to-system standardized language across three regions, North America, Asia Pacificand Europe, and enables the fully automated registration system to provide the companies with the ability to share detailed, accurate and up-to-the minute information for opportunities world-wide.

To ensure consistent support for projects with design-in activities in one region and manufacturing in another it is critical to have an accurate and efficient way to track design wins across regions. Recognizing this, Philips and Arrow have implemented this design win registration process using the RosettaNet 5C Partner Interface Proces (PIP).

Pascal Langlois, senior vice president Channel Management and MultiMarket Semiconductors at Philips Semiconductors. “Aligning with Arrow and implementing this design win registration process on a global scale is a milestone for Philips and supports our global design win program. This program ensures our supply chain partners can be equitably rewarded regardless of where a design win was secured and where volume manufacturing ultimately occurred.”

Philips Semiconductors participates in RosettaNet's Electronic Components Board, and is a founding member of the RosettaNet semiconductor manufacturing Board.

As well as allowing the global tracking of design wins, the program should also improve the efficiency and accuracy of data shared between Arrow and Philips, providing both companies with better tools and more time and information to provide commercial and technical support for end customers.

Jan Salsgiver, vice president, Global Strategy and Operations, Arrow Electronics, said, “We've already experienced benefits on a regional level through accelerated product design cycles. Now as a result of a global implementation with Philips, we're able to respond even faster to the design and production needs of our global customers.”

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