RS re-vamps catalogues and adds comparative tables -

RS re-vamps catalogues and adds comparative tables


LODON — The latest RS Components catalogues published Friday (October1) have a new ‘look and feel’ to make it easier for customers to find, compare and choose from over 135,000 products which include over 5000 additions.

In a project that has taken two years and involved a team of 170 over 2 million products attributes have been collected and checked. The redesign has been driven by customer research, which identified how to make the format of the catalogue more useful.

The changes include reducing the number of catalogue from six to four plus a master index. The reduction was made possible by the restructuring of sections in to more logical technology areas which combined products in to similar groups, removed duplication of details and made items easier to compare.

As well the traditional descriptions of individual products the pages have been redesigned to include tables (see below) that list critical data including price and ease the choice for buyers.

The company has launched a wide-ranging campaign to explain the changes and help customer make the most of the update publications.

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