<![CDATA[Configurable Systems]]> The choice and implementation of FPGAs, PLDs, and other programmable devices. 4461402 <![CDATA[Add-ons offer wealth of options for Raspberry Pi]]> 2018-12-17T17:03:00Z 4460936 <![CDATA[Kit enhancements help simplify IoT design]]> 2018-07-28T18:03:00Z 4443292 <![CDATA[Intriguing products roll at CES 2017]]> 2017-01-16T20:44:00Z 4442893 <![CDATA[Tiny comparator for space-constrained applications]]> 2016-10-21T15:19:00Z 4442842 <![CDATA[Hitless I/O: Overcoming challenges in high availability systems]]> 2016-10-11T17:11:00Z 4442123 <![CDATA[ARM Cortex-A73 targets low-power mobile]]> 2016-05-30T16:20:00Z 4441373 <![CDATA[Integrated chemical sensors support IoT apps]]> 2016-02-09T17:23:00Z 4440937 <![CDATA[Securely updating FPGA-based embedded systems]]> 2015-12-01T14:57:00Z 4440635 <![CDATA[PicoZed SOM combines RF transceiver, ARM/FPGA SoC]]> 2015-10-19T14:37:00Z 4440506 <![CDATA[Assessing real-world MCU energy efficiency]]> 2015-10-06T17:36:00Z 4439276 <![CDATA[Configurable DSP core fits IoT, wearables]]> 2015-04-23T20:23:00Z 4438743 <![CDATA[Flex Logix turns FPGA/MCU-based SoC design upside down]]> 2015-02-23T23:06:00Z 4438507 <![CDATA[NCI introduces GoLogicXL logic analyzers]]> 2015-01-28T20:13:00Z 4438068 <![CDATA[Optimizing complex floating point calculations on FPGAs]]> 2014-12-20T17:25:00Z 4437689 <![CDATA[Safeguard your FPGA system with a secure authenticator]]> 2014-11-23T12:04:00Z 4434499 <![CDATA[QuickLogic lowers power on smartphone/wearable sensor hubs]]> 2014-09-10T21:46:00Z 4434491 <![CDATA[Designing a UART in MyHDL and test it in an FPGA]]> 2014-09-10T19:20:00Z 4432749 <![CDATA[Sampling a 16-channel SAR with an 8-channel programmable SoC]]> 2014-07-27T20:58:00Z 4432225 <![CDATA[Implementing a reconfigurable machine controller using FPGAs]]> 2014-07-11T21:29:00Z 4432374 <![CDATA[National Instruments SOM simplifies embedded FPGA integration]]> 2014-07-10T04:52:00Z