<![CDATA[MCUs, Processors & SoCs]]> Looking at 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-, 64-bit and multicore devices and the systems on a chip that complement them. 4461196 <![CDATA[AI-based ADAS shifts down to Level 2+ cars]]> 2018-10-10T18:58:00Z 4461172 <![CDATA[Digital signal controllers feature deterministic performance]]> 2018-10-01T23:10:00Z 4461129 <![CDATA[Understanding virtualization facilities in the ARMv8 processor architecture]]> 2018-09-20T16:39:00Z 4461126 <![CDATA[AI IP boosts inference performance]]> 2018-09-20T16:02:00Z 4461127 <![CDATA[AI chip said to outperform GPUs]]> 2018-09-18T16:05:00Z 4461099 <![CDATA[Machine-learning SoC features spiking neural network architecture]]> 2018-09-12T19:06:00Z 4461098 <![CDATA[Secure element anchors IoT security-by-design]]> 2018-09-11T19:02:00Z 4461082 <![CDATA[Dual-core DSC ICs reduce part count]]> 2018-09-07T17:34:00Z 4461066 <![CDATA[Conference focuses on AI chips]]> 2018-08-31T14:46:00Z 4461064 <![CDATA[FPGA family gains low-power devices]]> 2018-08-31T14:28:00Z 4460991 <![CDATA[Machine-learning accelerator chip to speed image recognition]]> 2018-08-14T13:17:00Z 4460963 <![CDATA[AI core startup targets IoT]]> 2018-08-08T11:24:00Z 4460950 <![CDATA[Hardware abstraction moves to framework abstraction in AI-aware hardware]]> 2018-07-31T15:57:00Z 4460937 <![CDATA[MCUs offer enhanced security for IoT designs]]> 2018-07-27T18:07:00Z 4460938 <![CDATA[Mobile GPU features new architecture]]> 2018-07-24T18:12:00Z 4460906 <![CDATA[Processors support growing need for functional safety systems]]> 2018-07-20T11:57:00Z 4460907 <![CDATA[AMD gears up for AI edge race]]> 2018-07-19T12:01:00Z 4460887 <![CDATA[Chip industry goes all-in on AI]]> 2018-07-15T01:10:00Z 4460884 <![CDATA[MCUs extend STM32 MCU family]]> 2018-07-15T00:55:00Z 4460886 <![CDATA[Chip vendors sharpen focus on AI chips]]> 2018-07-13T01:06:00Z