<![CDATA[Prototyping & Development]]> Software and hardware tools, libraries, prototyping, development kits, and design management techniques. 4462240 <![CDATA[Demo board speeds development of motion sensing applications]]> 2019-08-16T18:29:00Z 4462215 <![CDATA[Configurable mixed-signal IC helps reduce automotive design size]]> 2019-08-07T15:31:00Z 4462197 <![CDATA[Model-driven development of solar power conversion systems]]> 2019-07-31T15:47:00Z 4462195 <![CDATA[Low-cost probe aids STM32 MCU development]]> 2019-07-31T14:49:00Z 4462194 <![CDATA[Embedded vision platform builds on low-power FPGAs]]> 2019-07-30T14:45:00Z 4462150 <![CDATA[ToF sensor can replace camera for facial-recognition login]]> 2019-07-17T19:59:00Z 4462134 <![CDATA[Real-time simulation system aids complex system design]]> 2019-07-15T16:40:00Z 4462053 <![CDATA[Automating audio interface testing on embedded platforms]]> 2019-06-25T02:53:00Z 4462022 <![CDATA[Using AWS Jobs to upgrade and configure IoT devices]]> 2019-06-17T15:25:00Z 4462012 <![CDATA[Scope family additions offer lower price, high-end features]]> 2019-06-06T13:48:00Z 4461957 <![CDATA[Understanding ADC code error rate]]> 2019-05-24T13:23:00Z 4461956 <![CDATA[High-performance audio ICs enhance mobile device designs]]> 2019-05-24T13:17:00Z 4461900 <![CDATA[Pluggable FPGA modules enable scalable prototyping systems]]> 2019-05-11T15:32:00Z 4461898 <![CDATA[Sensor dev kit offers quick cloud connection]]> 2019-05-09T15:25:00Z 4461808 <![CDATA[Software design of state machines]]> 2019-04-16T21:10:00Z 4461803 <![CDATA[Sensor dev kit features solar energy harvesting]]> 2019-04-11T17:06:00Z 4461807 <![CDATA[Enhance your next VR/AR design with these parts]]> 2019-04-09T17:36:00Z 4461783 <![CDATA[Reference designs support 2D/3D touch-free user interfaces]]> 2019-04-05T15:34:00Z 4461805 <![CDATA[Mesh Wi-Fi dev kit integrates Amazon Voice Service]]> 2019-04-03T17:23:00Z 4461782 <![CDATA[Reference designs target USB PD and USB-C battery charging designs]]> 2019-04-03T15:29:00Z