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RTI’s Connext DDS Secure assures secure M2M interoperability in critical systems

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has introduced the first secure messaging software designed for critical industrial systems. Compliant with the new Data Distribution Service (DDS) security standard from the Object Management Group (OMG), RTI Connext DDS Secure secures communication between the intelligent machines that comprise the Industrial Internet.

Connecting both large and small industrial machines and sensors delivers significant benefits to the physical and digital worlds, including improved efficiency, automation, safety and asset utilization. These include:

  • Higher quality healthcare through better patient monitoring
  • Improved energy efficiency by more quickly balancing supply and demand
  • More efficient manufacturing through increased automation and predictive maintenance
  • More effective defense systems with higher situational awareness

Because of the critical nature of these systems and their underlying data, they are attractive targets for espionage and sabotage. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that in the last three months of 2013, 59% of all reported cyber attacks against critical infrastructure targeted energy and 20% targeted manufacturing.

Implementing security for the IIoT is particularly challenging because cyber security cannot come at the expense of performance or safety. Industrial systems must perform at the speed of the physical processes they manage, which is often measured in milliseconds or even microseconds. They must also be completely reliable, since even brief unplanned outages can have calamitous consequences.

Unlike messaging solutions designed for traditional Information Technology (IT) applications, Connext DDS Secure does not require any centralized brokers, servers or system administration. As a result, it delivers very low latency, does not have a single point of failure, and is suitable for the autonomous and embedded systems that make up the Industrial Internet of Things.

Connext DDS Secure protects systems against unauthorized access and tampering. It provides authentication, authorization, confidentiality and logging of security events. To optimize performance, there is fine-grain control over the level of security applied to each data flow. Only data that must be private incurs encryption/decryption overhead. Other data can be efficiently signed with a Message Authentication Code (MAC) to prevent malicious manipulation.

RTI is hosting a webinar to introduce Connext DDS Secure on June 24 at 8:00 AM PDT. Members of the press, analysts and the general public may register here .

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