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RTOS extensions for Windows XP add IRQ manager

Tustin, Calif.—KUKA Controls has added the Real-Time Device Manager (RTDM), a tool for analyzing and isolating IRQ resources, to the latest versions of its real-time extensions,CeWin v3.3 and VxWin v3.1. Specifically, RTDM automatically assigns real-time hardware IRQs to the RTOS (Wind River's VxWorks or Microsoft's Windows CE), reducing the chances for operator error. The RTDM functionality can also be made part of a third-party installation using documented library features.

The latest versions of VxWin and CeWin also accommodate APIC and multiprocessor systems, including the ACPI single and multiprocessor HALs that add hibernate and power management functions to a PC.

VxWin and CeWin real-time extensions allow two operating systems—Windows XP and either VxWorks or Windows CE—to coexist on one PC by, among other things, dividing the PC's memory into separate protected areas.

Development seats sell for $10,000 each for CeWin; $9,460 each for VxWin. Runtime licenses in low volumes are $200 each for CeWin; $154 for VxWin. For high volumes, the fees are under $40 for CeWin and under $25 for WxWin.

In addition, free 30-day demonstration versions of VxWin and CeWin are available for download at http://www.kuka-controls.com/download/index.html.

KUKA Controls , 1-714-505-1485, www.kuka-controls.com

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