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RTOS gains support for CDMA chip set

Accelerated Technology, a division of Mentor Graphics, announced that VIA Telecom will continue to license the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) to support VIA's CDMA baseband processors. Hence, mobile phone developers gain a robust foundation on which to build smaller, more powerful products with increased reliability and lower power consumption. The Nucleus PLUS RTOS is integrated into VIA Telecom's single-chip CBP4, CBP5, and CBP6 family of CDMA baseband processors, which also features an ARM7TDMI core. The processors are backward-compatible to IS-95B and integrate a seamless interface to typical RF components.

The Nucleus Plus RTOS is suited for developing the broad capabilities that consumers require from multimedia mobile phones, including digital cameras, gaming applications, Web browsing, with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet connection, and complicated settings such as ring tone options, extended calendars, and currency converters. In addition, developers using the RTOS can reduce product costs with the royalty-free software.

The Nucleus embedded software is sold with source code. Licenses begin at $12,495. For more information, visit www.acceleratedtechnology.com.

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