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RTOS offers kernel-level memory protection

San Diego—Aonix has ported ObjectAda V8.2 to its latest Ardence ETS RTOS, version 13, providing kernel-level memory protection to help customers bring real-time, secure memory applications into the Windows environment.

Ardence's Phar Lap ETS, a hard real-time RTOS designed for applications targeting execution on x86-based platforms, delivers improved connectivity support. With this edition, ETS brings TCP/IP multicast support and access to ETS TCP/IP APIs, enabling network driver development and higher layer protocol support.

Its 256 priority levels enable developers to meet the needs of real-time applications that are highly complex, guaranteeing that critical thread context switches and yields to threads of higher priority occur in the 500 nanosecond to less than two microsecond range. The ETS kernel-level memory protection safely isolates critical parts of the application from all other parts, according to the companies.

The Aonix ObjectAda for Windows brings the improvements of ObjectAda 8.2 to the Windows development platform. In integrating current Windows improvements with the Aonix Ada 95 compiler, Aonix has delivered enhancements to the object code and symbolic debugging information generation and provided full compatibility with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 development tools.

Pricing: Starting at $15,499 per seat with volume discounts available.
Availability: ObjectAda for Windows targeting Ardence ETS is available immediately.
For more information on ObjectAda, click here.
For more on Ardence ETS, click here.

Aonix, 1-800-97-AONIX, www.aonix.com
Ardence, a Citrix Co., 1-781-647-3000, www.ardence.com

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