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RTOS offers royalty-free microkernel for NEC V850 MCUs


Santa Barbara, Calif. — Green Hills Software, Inc. has announced that its μ-velOSity real-time operating system (RTOS) is now available for the NEC Electronics V850 family of embedded microcontrollers.

With complete kernel source code and MULTI's kernel-aware debugging and project-creation wizard, the V850 device software is easy to develop, analyze, debug, test, and optimize for any aspect of the system, said Green Hills Software. In addition, with 2 Kbytes of ROM,1 Kbyte of RAM and service call times as low as 30 cycles, the μ-velOSity is suitable for the cost-sensitive, high-performance applications.

μ-velOSity is also said to provide extremely fast operating system services and real-time, deterministic execution. Context switching, service calls, and interrupt handling for V850 MCUs are finely tuned for maximum throughput and minimum latency, even under heavy loads, which make it suitable for devices with demanding performance requirements, said the company.

In addition, the small footprint makes it suitable for embedded systems that have the tightest memory constraints, said Green Hills Software. μ-velOSity is delivered as a library and is automatically configured by the Green Hills tool chain to include only those services that are actually used by the applications.

μ-velOSity does not have a per-unit royalty charge, which eliminates the headache ofroyalty reporting and makes it suitable for high-volume, cost-sensitive V850-based embedded products, said Green Hills Software.

NEC Electronics' V850 microcontrollers incorporate a 32-bit RISC core based on Harvard architecture. The V850 MCUs may be used in a variety of applications including automotive body electronics, motor control, and metering. The V850 family offers a wide variety of instantiations, providing a flexible choice of memory sizes and on-chip peripherals including CAN, DMA, timers, and I2C.

Pricing: μ-velOSity for V850 microcontrollers is available now starting at $9,500.
Product information: μ-VelOSity

Green Hills Software, Inc. , 1-805-965-6044, www.ghs.com

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