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RTOS simplifies adding music to handsets

Beatnik's mobileBAE software now supports Accelerated Technology's Nucleus Plus real-time operating system (RTOS). This provides embedded developers with an optimized, pre-integrated software product that helps them rapidly create high-quality audio content for mobile devices. With this porting, Nucleus Plus-based systems can use Beatnik's mobileBAE to support all types of mobile audio, giving both device manufacturers and application developers the tools they need to keep up with the latest mobile music trends.

Beatnik's small footprint, scalable software engine supports the real-time synthesis of high-quality polyphonic audio. As a complete audio subsystem, mobileBAE incorporates a synthesizer, mixer, sample rate converter, linear audio player, and support for MIDI, SP-MIDI, Mobile XMF, DLS, RMF, and WAV file formats. The mobileBAE software for the Nucleus RTOS meets mobile gaming requirements, especially for Java-based games requiring JSR-135 and JSR-234 compatibility. The software also supports 3D audio and other post processing effects.

The Nucleus file management software is also available for developers using the Nucleus RTOS and mobileBAE software. The embedded software is sold with source code and without royalty fees. Licenses for the Nucleus software begin at $12,495. Two demonstrations of mobileBAE for the Nucleus RTOS can be downloaded at www.acceleratedtechnology.com/beatnik/. The demos include a simple command-line player application and a user interface-based player application that can be built by using the Nucleus Grafix software. Both demos include mobileBAE, a wavetable and test content. The demos are ready to use on an ARM Integrator board.More general information on the product and company can be found at www.acceleratedtechnology.com.

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