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RTOS supports Windows systems

Using TenAsys' INtime real-time operating system, embedded system developers can run multiple instances of the OS alongside Windows on the same multi-core processor platform. Release 4.0 allows for this advanced functionality.

Previously, embedded systems requiring multiple real-time OSs and Windows needed to employ multiple independent processor platforms. By consolidating multiple operating environments into one platform, embedded system suppliers can save cost and improve scalability of processing power.

With INtime 4.0, developers aren't burdened with the possibility of multiple, high priority real-time processes interfering with one another. Time-critical processes can be fixed to run on their own cores of a multi-core processor, promoting modular design of real-time systems without the difficulty of resolving priorities between deterministic processes. If processes running on separate cores need to signal one another, INtime 4.0 provides a reliable, deterministic way to do that using shared memory.

INtime 4.0 is a free upgrade for all INtime for Windows customers that are covered by an active TenAsys support contract. Requests for a fully-functional evaluation copy of the INtime RTOS for Windows can be submitted at the TenAsys web-site at www.tenasys.com/intime.

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