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RTOS, tailored for PowerPC, drives embedded storage and network devices

San Diego, Calif.&#151A version of the ThreadX real-time operating system (RTOS) crafted for Applied Micro Circuits Corps.' PowerPC 440SPe microprocessor is intended for intelligent embedded storage and network devices like RAID controllers and storage area network (SAN) equipment. Touting a footprint of less than 10 kbytes for most applications, the RTOS lends itself to resource-tight environments. Performance-wise, the RTOS features submicrosecond interrupt response and context switching, a pre-emption scheduling algorithm, priority inheritance, and fast timer management; features that complement the high-bandwidth PowerPC 440SPe processor.

For its part, the PowerPC 440SPe processor is the first to include a 64-bit PCI-X version 2 and three independent PCI Express interfaces&#151one eight-lane upstream and two four-lane downstream&#151to communicate with host-attached RAID controllers and SAN equipment. The processor achieves up to 10.4-Gbits-per-second of total on-chip bandwidth at 166 MHz. Also available for the processor are the FileX fast file system and NetX full TCP/IP networking stack.

ThreadX, FileX, and NetX for the PowerPC 440SPe are available now. Royalty-free licenses start at $12,500.

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