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RTOS tooled for Cortex-M3 processor

Mobile, Ala.—Embedded system developers working with ARM Ltd.'s Cortex-M3 microprocessor and searching for a real-time operating system (RTOS) to run it need look no further than Accelerated Technology's Nucleus PLUS. Indeed, ARM has hailed Nucleus PLUS as the first RTOS geared to its brawny new processor.

Touted for being highly portable, functional, configurable, and easy to use, the Nucleus PLUS kernel is written mostly in ANSI C. It delivers a rich set of real-time services, including task control, communication, and synchronization; memory management; and programmable timing. Moreover, these services are named to plainly indicate their function. For example, you create a task by calling the service NU_Create_Task.

Also, because Nucleus PLUS is implemented as a C library, the executable image includes only those features used by your application. In addition, to keep a small foot print, error and stack checking, used during development, can be disabled in the production version.

As for Cortex-M3 processor, it is the first member of ARM's Cortex-M family, and is intended to serve as a low-cost, energy-efficient upgrade path from 8- and 16- microcontrollers to 32-bitters.

The Nucleus PLUS RTOS is sold in source code and carries no royalty fees. Prices start at $12,495 per seat.

Accelerated Technology , 1-800-468-6853, www.acceleratedtechnology.com

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