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RTS brings its 1588 real time VMM stack to Atom E6xx CPUs


San Francisco, Ca. – At the Intel Developer Forum here, Real-Time Systems GmBh (RTS), announced support for the new Intel Atom E6x series processors with its Real-Time Hypervisor.

The RTS Hypervisor allows the execution of multiple operating systems independently in parallel on one single chip. Additionally the associated Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T featuring IEEE 1588 support can be used with RTS's IEEE 1588 PTP Master stack to precisely synchronize the system time with other nodes on a network. This makes it useful for Industrial, Control, Medical or Data Acquisition. By utilizing the RTS Hypervisor, the traditional system architecture consisting of an industrial PC and additional embedded real-time hardware, can be replaced by a modern single hardware solution.

Executing, for example, Microsoft Windows in parallel to a real-time operating system on just one computer hardware based on the Intel Atom processor E6xx series, helps to reduce the overall system costs while increasing reliability and greatly reducing power consumption.

This combination is particularly useful for the industrial and medical markets where many customers rely on an RTOS for time-critical or mission-critical functions while using a different OS for other tasks, such as running a human machine interface (HMI).

Because the RTS VMM does not depend on a host OS, operating systems can start in any sequence, reboot independently and never harm each other.

As the newly released Intel Atom processor E6xx series platform now features an IEEE 1588 time stamping unit in the Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T, the RTS IEEE 1588 stack seamlessly integrates into the solution, providing highly accurate clock synchronization over standard Ethernet.

Within the RTS Hypervisor environment, inter-system communication is simplified through a virtual TCP/IP-based network and shared memory. Real-Time Systems technology also supports message-signaled interrupts (MSI) for all guest operating systems, eliminating interrupt conflicts and simplifying system configuration.

“The availability of Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and an IEEE 1588 time stamping unit among others, makes the new Intel Atom processor E6xx series a perfect fit for a lot of our customers” said Gerd Lammers, CEO of Real-Time Systems GmbH.

Currently the RTS Hypervisor provides support for Microsoft Windows, CE, Linux, Android, QNX Neutrino, VxWorks, OS-9 and RTOS-32. Proprietary operating systems or other real-time code can be integrated upon request.

To learn more, go to www.real-time-systems.com/.

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