Rugged power meters meet the demands of EMC testing -

Rugged power meters meet the demands of EMC testing

The PM 6006 power meter from TESEQ has been designed to meet the demands of EMC immunity testing which include a large dynamic range, fast measurements, rugged design and a frequency range that matches the application.

Two models are available. The PMU 6006 is designed for connection via the USB interface and is supplied with Windows-based control software. In addition to having different graphical display modes available, the software provides averaging, offset use, and the ability to switch units to dBm, dbμV or V. It can also handle simultaneous readouts of multiple power meters. The PMU 6006 is powered by the USB connection.

The PMR 6006 is  designed for direct connection to the recently introduced Teseq ITS 6006 immunity test system. Up to three power meters can be connected and the power measured can be read by either the ITS 6006 software utility or by optional test house software.

Common specifications are frequency range 1 MHz to 6 GHz, linear measurement range -45 to +20 dBm, RMS power using log detector, low voltage detection. Both power meters feature a ruggedly designed metal casing and have LED indication of power on and measurement activity.

Teseq provides a traceable calibration certificate with all of its products and accredited calibration services are also available from TESEQ calibration labs.


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