Rugged switch family for industrial controls applications -

Rugged switch family for industrial controls applications

MUNICH, Germany – C&K Components has introduced a familiy of switches for severe operating conditions and heavy-duty applications, such as industrial controls, farm machinery and off-road vehicles. The ESM and DSM Series devices are single and double switch modules, supplied ready to install with optional cables or connectors. Both modules are protected by silicon rubber caps and sealed to IP 65 when mounted, making them ideal for situations where dust, water, oil or solvents could adversely affect the function of standard switches.

Sealed, versatile switches withstand harsh environments

Designed for use in front panels, multi-function grips or other switching units, the RS and QS Series switches provide tactile feedback and positive snap-point action. The RS Series comprises two bi-directional switch models – the RS1, with a single switch function in both directions, and the RS2, which has a double function in both directions. The two QS models are quadrant switches, with either single function (four K12 switches) or double functions (eight K12 switches) in each of four different directions: up, down, left or right.

For typical switching functions in off-road machinery, such as dashboards, armrest controls or multifunction grips, the SR3 Series rocker switches are ideal. These robust rocker switches, based on highly reliable K12 switch technology, have an operating life of more than one million cycles.

AR3 and AR5 Series analogue rocker switches provide a proportional function solution and are cost-effective for off-road vehicle applications. Both feature Hall-Effect contactless sensing, with one sensor as standard and an optional second sensor if required. The AR3 Series rockers are available with three different actuator styles. AR3 series and AR5 fingertip rockers are extremely durable, with a rocker life of more than 2 million cycles, short circuit protection and integrated temperature compensation.

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