Run Win CE on XScale or Geode CPU board -

Run Win CE on XScale or Geode CPU board

Arcom, a Gold level Windows Embedded Partner, has released updated development kits for two embedded single board computers, the low-power 400-MHz PXA255 XScale-based VIPER and the AMD Geode-based SBC-GX1. These kits save months of engineering time and BSP integration effort by offering Windows CE 5.0 on a ready-to-run platform. The kits include the VIPER or SBC-GX1 pre-installed with Windows CE 5.0 on the resident flash-memory drive as well as the Microsoft Embedded Visual tools so designers can start building an application from day one. The VIPER kit includes the VIPER PC/104 board fitted with 64 Mbytes of DRAM and 32 Mbytes of flash, an industrial compact enclosure (ICE) with a Q-VGA color touchscreen display. The kit is also shipped with a free CompactFlash Wi-Fi card, allowing complete wireless operation. The 300MHz SBC-GX1 EBX board is fitted with 256 Mbytes of DRAM and 16 Mbytes of onboard flash, along with a 6.5-in. VGA TFT touchscreen display. More information is available at

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