Running multiple OSes of Core2 Duo securely -

Running multiple OSes of Core2 Duo securely


LONDON — LynuxWorks Inc.'s LynxSecure 2.0 is a second generation separation kernel and embedded hypervisor for high assurance systems on the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based systems.

It takes advantage of Intel’s latest hardware-enhanced Intel Virtualization technology (Intel VT) to provide a standards-based, secure software platform for applications with low, medium and high assurancerequirements running concurrently on a single system.

Multiple operating systems can be run simultaneously on a single Intel chipset with real-time performance and improved security.

LynxSecure was designed to provide a reliable, secure and extendable platform to meet the needs of embedded software developers building complex systems that require application separation.

It should be of interest to designers of military, aerospace, medical and financial systems who can combine the safety and security features offered in LynxSecure with Intel’s processors to provide low latency when compared with traditional multi-processors systems.

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