Safe File System eliminates power-failure glitches in Flash devices -

Safe File System eliminates power-failure glitches in Flash devices

WILSONVILLE, OR – Mentor GraphicsCorporation has released a Safe File System for its Nucleus OS. The SafeFile System provides power-fail resiliency for multimedia devices with residentNOR, NAND and DataFlash flash storage.

Embedded devices are susceptible to unexpected system interruptions, e.g., whena device's battery runs out. Such interruptions can cause a device to lose asector or become non-operational. The Safe File System eliminates these glitches,reducing the need for field repair and avoiding unnecessary warranty returns.

With the Nucleus OS Safe File System, a complete new file system is madeavailable before any information is erased. This allows the system to berebuilt either in its pre-write form (as if the write had never started) orwith the new modifications included. This is not possible to guarantee with aDOS compatible file system and with many other file systems. While the conceptis simple, flash devices can have long write and erase times. Mentor Graphicssays the Nucleus OS Safe File System solution addresses this issue and providesfast boot times.

The royalty free Nucleus OS – Safe File System for flash devices is availableimmediately. For more information and pricing for Mentor Graphics embeddedsolutions, call 1-800-547-3000, e-mail ,or visit .

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