SafeAssure initiative groups Freescale assets -

SafeAssure initiative groups Freescale assets

At the Freescale Technology Forum Japan the company detailed its SafeAssure program to ease the compliance with functional safety standards
in the automotive and industrial markets.

The aim is to reduce the time required to develop safety systems that comply with the upcoming International Standards Organization (ISO) 26262 and existing International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61508 standards.

Select Freescale products are being defined and designed from the ground up to comply with the standards, with safety analysis done at each step of the
development process and additional confirmation measures taken to help ensure safety requirements are fully met. The initiative covers microcontrollers,power management ICs and sensors.

The company is adopting a four pronged approach to providing functional safety: process, hardware, software and support.

The hardware concept focuses on detecting and mitigating random hardware failures. Failure control is achieved through built-in safety functions, such as
self-testing, monitoring and hardware-based redundancy. The company's analog automotive solutions provide additional functionality (checking microcontroller  timing, voltages and errormanagement) that helps improve system robustness and simplify electronic control unit designs.

To achieve system-level functional safety goals, hardware and software must seamlessly integrate to provide comprehensive coverage of the safety requirements. Freescale is developing a set of automotive functional safety software deliverables, including AUTOSAR OS and associated microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) drivers, as well as core self-test capabilities. It is working with third-party software providers to offer additional safety software solutions.
The fourth area of Freescale’s functional safety approach is robust safety support, with the goal of easing system-level integration and functional safety standard compliance. These capabilities extend from customer-specific training and system design reviews regarding functional safety architecture to extensive safety documentation and technical support.

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