SafeTI design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification -

SafeTI design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has announced SafeTI, a functional safety platform that includes design packages with analog devices and embedded processors – from microcontrollers to digital signal processors – as well as software, supporting documentation and independent third-party evaluation and certification. SafeTI design packages are suitable for a broad range of products in markets including industrial, automotive, transportation, energy, medical and many others, to accelerate safety-critical product development.

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SafeTI design packages include five key components for functional safety:

Functional safety-enabled semiconductor components  developed as safety-standard- compliant items to help enable designers to build safe systems with confidence.
Safety documents, tools and software  to decrease development and certification time. SafeTI documents include a Safety Manual detailing product safety architecture and recommended usage, Safety Analysis Report including details of safety analysis and Safety Report summarizing compliance to targeted standards.
Complementary embedded processing and analog components work together to help designers meet safety standards.
Quality manufacturing process has been applied to help assure that SafeTI components meet the component-level requirements concerning ISO9 001 and/or ISO/TS 16949 (including AEC-Q100 for automotive), helping the customer deliver robust solutions.
Safety development process  that follows ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and IEC 60730 requirements, which is assessed by auditors as prescribed by safety standards.

SafeTI design packages provide help to manage both systematic and random failures, enabling customers to design their functional safety systems. Using SafeTI components makes it easier for customers to achieve compliance to safety standards and get to market quickly in rapidly growing, safety-critical markets:

Automotive designers can use SafeTI-26262 design packages for component-level compliance to ISO 26262 safety requirements to support ASIL-A to ASIL-D for applications such as steering, braking, transmission, electric vehicle battery management and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). TI is a member of U.S. and international working groups for ISO 26262.

Transportation, industrial and medical
designers can use SafeTI-61508 packages for component-level compliance to IEC 61508, which supports standards from SIL-1 to SIL-3 and system-level compliance to SIL-4 for industrial controllers, remote input/output (I/O), human machine interface (HMI), safety/shutdown and process machinery and others. These packages also can also help designers in safety products, such as railway train control, signaling and braking, medical infusion pumps, respirators and ventilators.

Household appliance designers can look to SafeTI-60730 for software that is certified to IEC 60730 /UL1998 for household appliance designs such as washing machines, refrigerators and household electrical controls, because these packages comply with IEC 60730 standards and support Class A to Class C requirements.

SafeTI-Quality Managed (QM) products are developed under a rigorous development process and come with a Safety Manual and Safety Analysis Report for evaluating system components. SafeTI-QM components include embedded processors, power management devices, motor drivers and many other analog components.

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