Safety tester incorporates load and PF measurement -

Safety tester incorporates load and PF measurement

Combining the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor (PF) measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments, the Clare HAL 104 from Seaward is part of an extended range of specialist HAL electrical safety testing instrumentation.

The advanced technology safety testing instrumentation has been developed for multiple standards, production line and type testing applications in the avionics, appliance, lighting, defence and similar electronics manufacturing sectors.
As well as incorporating key functional checks, the HAL104 meets the end of line electrical safety compliance tests required by the majority of national and international product safety standards.
As well as load and power functional tests, the new tester incorporates ac/dc Hipot (flash / dielectric strength), insulation, ground/earth bond testing to 40A, load switching to 30A with measurement to 100 millaAmps and leakage to 100 microAmps.
The HAL104 can be used as a manual stand alone tester with simple push button test activation or can be fully integrated into automated manufacturing systems with selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks, or by ultimate control using remote PCs and PLCs.

A full graphic display presents information either in a numerical or analogue format and a powerful internal memory allows the storage of up to 6,000 test results and up to 20 configurable test routines.
The instrument can also be interfaced with a variety of accessories ranging from bar code scanners to pass/fail label printers.
The HAL104 meets all of the requirements of the various British and European standards in relation to high voltage testing and incorporates fully isolated high voltage outputs to ensure the highest levels of operator safety.
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