Samsung cranks up capacity of embedded storage for 3G phones -

Samsung cranks up capacity of embedded storage for 3G phones


Samsung Electronics is bumping up the storage capacity in 3G mobile phones with a four gigabyte multi-chip package that it says will prompt some phone makers to design out external memory card slots.

The multi-chip package is dubbed moviMCP. It combines a 4Gbyte embedded memory card, consisting of two 16Gbit NAND flash chips and a controller, along with a 1Gbit mobile DRAM chip to support the processor and a 2Gbit NAND flash chip for general handset operations, the company said.

Samsung used an eMMC interface, based on the MultiMediaCard Association standard for embedded memory, which it said resolves the design complexity inherent in the functional differences of the various types of NAND flash by integrating an embedded controller into the moviMCP. This removes the need to develop interface software for each type of NAND flash.

“We've now perfected a memory chip that allows handset manufacturers to significantly reduce development time while deploying an extremely robust design that will result in higher performance for smaller phones, with higher storage capacities,” said Jim Elliott, director, flash marketing director, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Sales of 3G phones may hit 392 million units this year and show an approximately 40 percent compounded annual growth rate from 2007 through 2010, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.

Samsung said the device is ready for sampling.

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