Sangoma ships PCI Express telecom cards -

Sangoma ships PCI Express telecom cards

Toronto — Sangoma Technologies, a provider of connectivity hardware and software products for VoIP, TDM voice, WANs and Internet infrastructure, announced it is shipping a line of enhanced PCI Express (PCIe) cards based on its Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) family of cards.

Sangoma's Octal port A108, Quad port A104 and dual port A102 T1/E1 cards as well as its A200 analog voice system are now all available in PCI Express format. The A108 card is said to be is the highest density PC voice card existing today, with a 240-call capacity.

Acording to Sangoma, the change to PCIe is completely transparent to the user. All Sangoma's drivers, utilities and APIs continue to work exactly the same way for PCIe as for the PCI cards.

Sangoma will continue to produce standard 3.3v/5v PCI versions of the A102, A104, A108 and A200 cards. Both the PCI and the PCIe versions support field upgradeable firmware. The PCIe versions also offer optional carrier-grade echo cancellation on all models.

Sangoma Technologies Corporation ,, +1 905-474-1990 or 1-800-388-2475.

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