SAS RAID controller offers internal, external PCIe connectivity -

SAS RAID controller offers internal, external PCIe connectivity


Sunnyvale, Calif.—Applied Micro Circuits Corp. is shipping its 3ware 9690SA Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller that offers configuration flexibility with three PCI Express low profile controller choices: eight internal ports, eight external ports, and four internal/four external ports.

The 9690SA completes AMCC's scalable 3ware serial storage product portfolio, which now includes 2- to 24-ports of SATA connectivity and maximized SAS expandability to up to 128 devices per controller. The SAS controllers include AMCC's unified RAID management interface and software suite.

The 3ware 9690SA is aimed at data center environments that require expanded connectivity and high levels of read and write performance. Targeted applications include: databases, NAS storage, web servers, cluster servers, supercomputing, near-line backup and archival, security systems, and pro audio and video editing appliances.

Pricing: The 9690SA-8I (8 internal ports) is $895; the 9690SA-8E (8 external ports) is $945; and the 9690SA-4I4E (4 internal and 4 external ports) is $925.
Availability: The three 3ware 9690SA controller kits are currently available through AMCC's distributors, integrators and VARs.
Datasheet: click here.

Applied Micro Circuits Corp., 1-877-88-3ware (877-883-9273),

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