SATA interposer card aimed at 2.5-in. drives -

SATA interposer card aimed at 2.5-in. drives


Milpitas, Calif.—LSI Corp. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first small form-factor Serial ATA (SATA) interposer card, which provides OEMs with a time-to-market advantage for implementing 2.5-inch SATA drives in enterprise-class storage arrays, including SAS and Fibre Channel-SATA (FC-SATA) infrastructures.

The SS9135 SATA interposer card offers OEMs a turnkey board product that is designed and assembled ahead of time, helping to reduce manufacturing costs. With these freed resources, systems OEMs can more rapidly integrate low-cost, high-capacity 2.5-inch SATA drives in enterprise systems for near-line and tiered-storage applications, the company said.

The SS9135 card is based on the fourth-generation SS1350 Active-Active Multiplexer (AAMUX) device from LSI, delivering enterprise-class reliability, manageability and performance features that complement mainstream SATA hard drives.

AAMUX technology enables single-ported SATA drives to connect like native dual-ported drives for use in enterprise storage systems using SAS expanders supporting the SATA tunneling protocol (SAS-STP), and in systems using FC-to-SATA routers.

The SS1350 device brings true active-active multiplexing to the SATA drive, resulting in much higher performance and reduced system development costs. The SS1350 is a smaller form factor package, derived from the currently shipping SS1320 that enables a vertical interposer card to be implemented into a 2.5-inch drive tray. The SS1350 device is only available as a part of the turnkey SS9135 board product.

The SS9135 card brings a number of new management features to SATA drives to further enhance their operation in SAS systems. These features include drive power control, PHY control, and extensive diagnostics.

Pricing: Samples of the SS9135 SATA interposer product is $41 and less than $30 for storage system OEM volume quantities.
Availability: Sampling.

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